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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Play Online Poker with Ubuntu

Unfortunately, poker rooms do not design their software to customers that are compatible with Ubuntu. However, you can play online poker in Ubuntu?

Yes, you can play in rooms online poker in Ubuntu with relative ease.

There are two main options for this:

1. Play online poker room that requires no download.
2. Download Wine for Ubuntu and run the poker room through it

Play online poker room that not requires to download

If not download any software, it is obvious you do not have any compatibility problems with software poker and operating system Ubuntu.

Play online poker games no download is the easiest way to play online poker in Ubuntu. However, the downside is that these no-download poker rooms do not tend to offer all the features that a client gives downloadable poker rooms.

Download Wine for Ubuntu and run the poker room through it

To execute. exe software poker rooms, you can install the Windows emulator Wine. Then you can easily install and run any downloadable poker room of your choice. All you have to do is:

1. Install Wine in Ubuntu.
2. Download a poker room client (the. Exe, not the. Dmg).
3. Run the poker room through Wine.

Wine is very easy to install (about 2 minutes) and it works great. The only problem with the operation of the poker rooms on Ubuntu through Wine is that it can sometimes be a bit unstable. However, the game offers features far more advanced than non-discharge facilities, and generally work well most of the time.

PokerStars.Com has the most advanced software so I would go for this room if you want to play without problems.

In summary, the no-download poker rooms are easier, but have worse gameplay features. Using Wine to run the poker rooms requires more effort, but they have more advanced features.

* If you play regularly it is best to download a software from a poker room and run it through Wine

* If you are a very casual player, who plays infrequently, best not to use discharge rooms

* If you are unsure of how often you play, use Wine

Play Online Poker with Ubuntu

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  1. Can I ask? I have Kubuntu install in my netbook, is the same process or procedure, I will do to install the said game? Also invite you guys to Buy Poker Software. Thank you this informative tips.