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Friday, December 9, 2011

LG Xnote Z330 Ultrabook Review and Price

LG Xnote Z330, which brings an ultra-thin panel Shuriken and is currently only available in the South Korean market, but probably will soon address the Earth Europe.

The last device in the company LG has Intel Core i5 - i7 or Core 2467 M - 2637 M, 13.3-inch screen with resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels and is known for its technology development Shuriken panels.

This system lets you enter a screen of 13.3 inches in the same space as a 12, thanks to a frame size of 8 mm and 4 mm thick.

This LG Xnote Z330 Ultrabook weighs just 1.21 kilograms and is 14.7 millimeters thick. It has a range of up to six hours of continuous use.

In relation to the internal specifications, it comes with 4 GB RAM, internal storage of 120 or 256 GB SSD format.

Connectivity is very good because it brings Bluetooth 3.0 + HS, WiFi b / g / n, Intel WIDI, microSD card reader and USB 3.0.

One feature that LG Xnote Z330 took over highlight is the inherent speed of the operating system boot. According to the firm, it takes only seven seconds and 9.9 seconds to reboot if the computer is off.

This is possible because the second generation of Intel chipsets and SSD storage, which get up to 20 percent faster than in the ultra fine already available on the market.

The price LG Xnote Z330 will range between 1500 and 1900 dollars to exchange for yen, and be acquired only on the local shops.

LG Xnote Z330 Ultrabook Review and Price

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