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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Download CentOS 6.1 Linux

CentOS 6.1 Linux operating system Is Now Available for Download

About CentOS

CentOS is a community enterprise operating system, based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources and available for the following architectures: Intel 32-bit, Intel IA-64 (Itanium 64-bit), 64-bit (AMD's AMD64 and Intel's Intel 64). Additionally, CentOS is a 100% free Linux distribution fully compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The new CentOS 6.1 operating system is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 distribution, and it brings all the features that are present in the RHEL distro, with which is 100% binary compatible.

CentOS 6.1 contains various yum changes and enhancements and was completely rebuilt using a brand-new build system and library checks, in order to confirm RHEL binary compatibility.

"We highly recommend everyone use the CR repository in order to get all bugfix and security updates as soon as possible. More information on the CR repository can be found at:"- said Karanbir Singh in the official announcement.

Even if it's based on the upstream RHEL 6.1 release, the new CentOS 6.1 also includes packages from all variants. Moreover, the developers combined all upstream repositories into a single one, makeing things easier for all end users.

For fixed issues, modified packages, removed packaged, and newly added packages, as well as known issues present in the CentOS 6.1 operating system, please take a look at the official release notes.

Users of older CentOS releases, like CentOS 4 or CentOS 5, have no way of upgrading directly to the new CentOS 6 release. Therefore, the development team recommends a fresh install. This is not a CentOS limitation, it's a Red Hat EL one.

"As a note to people who attempt the upgrade in spite of this warning, such as by the unsupported upgradeany option from the media install command-line, please note that you will need to manually retrieve the current centos-release package, manually do a rpm -e --nodeps removal of the prior centos-release package, and then manually install the CentOS 6 centos-release package, before yum can have any chance of working properly."

Download CentOS 6.1 Linux

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