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Monday, December 19, 2011

Download Free Game Tetris for Android 2012

The first thing you will observe about this Tetris video game is the price tag. This app is absolutely free. The game Tetris requires 8MB of free space and you can easily move it into your SD card. For Android customers lets jump in and see what this edition has to offer and why we may or may not like it.

You can choose from 5 unique languages: English, French, Dutch, Italian or Spanish. After selecting a language here comes the main menu screen which is made up of 7 categories each with its own spectral colour. Lets discover and check what we have.

Add to this the truth that this Tetris game occasionally took so long to load that the eager could possibly drop all interest in playing it.

And that the designers have included none of the surprises, intelligent implementations observed on other mobile editions of classic games. The final result is not an opportunity to revisit a timeless classic; it is only an possibility to be disappointed.

Please go here to download this game :

Download Free Game Tetris for Android 2012

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