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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

American Children Threatened by Toxic Toys

A new reports issued by a team of experts from the Environmental Health Strategy Center indicates that over 650 brand name products keep a terrible secret. 
Scientists reached the conclusion that they contain two hormone-disrupting toxic chemicals that can threaten the wellbeing of their consumers.

Image comment: 3 Police Officers, one of the toys launched by Playmobil that contain BPA
Image credits: Playmobil via

After reading the report, potential buyers will most likely turn their attention from a few plastic toys. The Playmobil toy manufacturer seems far from being eco-conscious, since a lot of its toys are considered dangerous by the authors of this study.

Its toy ambulance, 4x4 Vehicle with Jetski, Airport Vehicle, Big Blister Firemen and Pump and Animal Clinic, otherwise colorful and attractive, are considered hazardous by experts, because they contain bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical already found in baby bottles.

At the same time, BPA is not the only element disrupting our health, since the same study highlights that toxic NPEs can be spotted in cleaning products and almost 300 paints clients would feel tempted to use at home.

The report, entitled Poison in Paint, Toxics in Toys aims to help American customers make smart choices when it comes to their daily shopping list, by selecting only toxic-free products.

It seems that a governmental action is much needed to limit or ban the commercialization of products that can affect the health of a large segment of buyers.

"In the absence of federal leadership, state policies are the best way to identify and restrict toxic chemicals in products," declared Mike Belliveau, the author of this disturbing reports and executive director of the Environmental Health Strategy Center in Portland, Maine.

"Until Congress acts, we can expect more states and businesses to respond to consumer demand for toxic-free products."

Scientists are fully aware of the negative influence BPA and NPEs (nonylphenol ethoxylates) have on humans. It seems that these toxic elements mimic the sex hormone estrogen, and can pose a series of alarming consequences.

BPA triggers prostate gland problems, behavior issues and brain development damage, while NPE is associated with reproduction and development problems.

The main goal of the recent report is to raise the public opinion's level of awareness regarding the danger they expose themselves to during every shopping session, while encouraging the industry to come up with risk-free substitutes.

American Children Threatened by Toxic Toys

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