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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Download All-New TweetDeck from the Mac App Store

The folks at Twitter Inc. have rolled out a brand new version of TweetDeck coded in HTML5 which should make it a lot easier for fans to track their Twitter and Facebook activity on their Macs.

Or will it? According to the reviews posted by some early adopters (as well as our own experience with the app), Twitter engineers still have a lot more polishing up to do.

Granted the app is no longer coded in Adobe AIR, which means scrolling is smoother and your CPU fans won’t be spinning like crazy anymore. The new TweetDeck is also less of a memory vampire.

As far as the lackluster features are concerned, one disappointed customer remarked on the Mac App Store: “I don't understand why Twitter would release a version of Tweetdeck that has less functionality and a more clunky UI than the original.”

He continued: “It's like they looked at TweetDeck and said, ‘Man, this is awesome. The UI is really intuitive. What if we took these cool features and replaced them with popup windows and mouse clicks?’ Brilliant. Thanks for playing guys. I love Twitter…I love(d) TweetDeck…and this is absolute crap.”

That pretty much sums it up and you can bet many more such reviews will be hitting the Mac App Store by the time Twitter rolls out the user-demanded set of features in a new software update.

In the meanwhile, Mac users are sure to enjoy the much more responsive app and overlay / pop-up windows that make browsing TweetDeck’s interface much easier.

For some, it may not be the ideal enhancement, though. It’s all a matter of preferences here.Speaking of preferences, the Settings pane is also improved.

Download TweetDeck for Mac OS X (Mac App Store)

Download All-New TweetDeck from the Mac App Store

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