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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Google Music Store Review in Videos

Yesterday, in an event "secret" Google was revealed that many believed is that Google Music comes out of Beta status and also includes many agreements with major labels so you can find all the music you want. Read on to know all the details Introducing Google Music Store

It seems that in recent times Google is multiplied further its presence in the network and its aim is that the catalyst of all this is your social network Google +, now with this new store is planted in front of iTunes and Amazon and challenges in which until now, was his land, and does so with a lot of news.

These developments highlighted the new music store, looking very similar to web market today and where we can buy our songs with a quality of 320kbps and easily share them with our circles of Google +, but only have a listen free each issue that we buy.

One option that remains now is the option to upload our own music and later be able to stream it in our Android phone, so you can have our library anywhere.

Another novelty is the application filed redesigned so you can enjoy your favorite music on your Android phone. The application that is included by default on our phones has always been sharply criticized by obsolete design, as is customary in the latest updates from Google this new application version style fits what we would call "Ice Cream Sandwich" with convenient side scroll and blue tones, improving the appearance and much of our media player.

Finally we must remember that, at present only available in the U.S., so in Palupix're looking forward to land on our lands.

Google Music Store Review in Videos

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  1. While stores could use the Google Music store to find their in store music, they could also hire the services of experts to create their original music.