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Friday, March 30, 2012

TeamViewer 7.0.12799 for Mac, Linux, Windows

 Download TeamViewer 7.0.12799 for Mac, Linux, Windows

Remotely control or access another computer over the internet - or even hold big web meetings
TeamViewer 7 is the latest version of the popular remote access/control program.

TeamViewer 7.0.12799 for Mac, Linux, Windows

As with previous editions, you can use it to access your own computer across the internet, perhaps very valuable if you've accidentally left some important document at home. Or you can use it to remotely control another PC where TeamViewer is also installed; so if a friend's having technical troubles, you can log on to their system, even through most firewalls, and use the computer as though you were sitting in front of it, to quickly help them out.

This release adds many essential new capabilities in this area. It now allows you to save advanced connection settings for every PC you'd like to access or control, for instance, so you can start working right away. Transferring files between systems is now as easy as dragging and dropping. Multi-monitor support allows you to have different remote connection sessions running in each of your monitors, and it's now possible to record your sessions, both in the form of screenshots or AVI videos.

This alone would be enough for the program to qualify as a major upgrade - but there's much more. In particular, TeamViewer 7 now allows you to schedule and conduct online meetings for up to 25 people. You can schedule your event as an Outlook Meeting invitation. Participants can join from smartphones, tablets or computers, and once they've arrived will share a single screen, able to watch whatever you're doing, contribute via chat, use the white board and share files.

It's a very impressive upgrade, especially as the program remains entirely free for personal and non-commercial use. Business users, however, will need to purchase a licence. Note that the Linux version is still v6.x.

TeamViewer has always been an easy way to remotely access and control other systems, and the new web meeting features in particular make it even more useful. Recommended.

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TeamViewer 7.0.12799 for Mac, Linux, Windows

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