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Friday, March 16, 2012

iPad 3 Jailbreak Progress: "Three Angles"

iPad 3 Jailbreak Progress: "Three Angles"

In a natural approach, the Dev Team continues to refer to the new iPad as “iPad 3” (mostly not to mess up the workflow whenever there’s an update to post on their popular blog).

The Team says, “We suspect many of you are lined up at this very minute, and so it’s a good time to give you some info for maximizing your chance to eventually jailbreak the iPad3.”

The exploits used to jailbreak the iPad 2 a few months ago still work in iOS 5.1, which means “we’ll at least be able to get our foot in the door to get the required kernel dumps on the iPad3,” says the Team.

They point out to @i0n1c’s progress on the A5 front

“As far as we know, he’s using a method completely unrelated to the one mentioned above,” says the team of hackers. “That would be great news! We’ve also seen bits and pieces of an entirely different jailbreak method being investigated by someone close to the Cydia repo scene.”

“That’s three different angles, and we’re not even including the continuous work @pod2g makes towards a new jailbreak!” reads their update. “As always, keep in mind this is very preliminary progress, and it’s impossible to predict how or when these things turn out.”

As usual, the code tinkerers stress the golden rule of keeping those update itchy fingers away from iTunes (or the OTA Software Update mechanism in iOS):

“Don’t update your new iPad3 past whatever iOS it comes shipped with,” reads the warning.

The Team believes that some iPad 3 units will arrive with “an iOS version that’s not quite 5.1.” We don’t know exactly what they mean by that, but it appears they want people to report their firmware builds to assess the situation.

iPad 3 Jailbreak Progress: "Three Angles"

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