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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Download Dropbox Experimental 1.3.26

 Download Dropbox Experimental 1.3.26

The latest development for Dropbox Experimental does not show numerous modifications, but the entries in the change log are notable. They tackle sensitive issues in the application, such as performance and usability.

Download Dropbox Experimental is 1.3.26

The latest build for Dropbox Experimental is 1.3.26, and among the problems it eliminates, there is the one with Camera Upload feature on Windows XP and 2003. The text for this feature also went through some improvements.

As far as performance is concerned, the new revision of the file synchronization client shows memory usage improvements.

It also brings to the table a fix for the quota issue as well as other small fixes.
Dropbox is one of the most popular file synchronization products on the market.

Dropbox is a software which enables you to share files and folders across the online platform, by synchronizing them with your offline storage.

In order to start using Dropbox, you must create an account. You can either set the tool to sync all the folders in your Dropbox, or you can use "Selective Sync" to choose particular ones.

Basically, Dropbox installs a folder on your computer in which you can copy or move data to share online.

So, if you want to access your Dropbox files from another location, simply log in with your username and password on the developer's website. 

What's New in This Release (1.3.26):

· Fixes for Camera Upload on Windows XP and 2003
· Fix out of quota issue
· Improve Camera Upload text
· Memory usage improvements
· Other small fixes 


Download Dropbox Experimental 1.3.26

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