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Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to Choose the Best iPad Case

Apple Fan Shows You How to Choose the Best iPad Case

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If you’re confused as to what case you should get for your brand new iPad, perhaps you should read through this guy’s post on the four major aspects you should consider when buying one.

Written for a friend who needed thorough advice on what iPad case to choose, the post in question details every possible aspect you could consider when shopping for a protective enclosure (complete with tons of imagery). It’s a full-fledged guide to buying your perfect iPad case.

The author, identified as rar745, is an avid fan of Apple technoloy.

He says there are four aspects you should be considering: looks (naturally), environmental protection, functional limitations, and practical advantages. Since the aesthetic point is a rather subjective matter, the guide focuses on the remaining three.

The author says “the most popular iPad cases are often designed to be pretty and inexpensive, and not to address […] real-world problems.” By all means, he’s right.

The main characteristics it should boast, according to rar745, are: “a useful structure, enclosed corners, and a non-transparent display cover.”

“Environmental threats require a case to have both structural integrity and flexibility,” he writes.

“Most cases allow you to use the device while it's inside the case, so you must be sure your case does not cover the cameras, buttons, openings, and sensors,” reads another tip.

Moreover, an iPad case with a display cover should allow you to “fold it back flat, directly behind the display, [and] a practical case should have a mechanism to facilitate at least one propped-up viewing angle in landscape mode,” he adds.

Should you need to appear professional in front of your colleagues and / or clients, “your case might need to be made of exquisite material, such as leather.”

“Your case might need to have a keyboard inside it, which would make the case thicker, but may be more convenient than carrying a separate keyboard,” rar745 asserts.

The author concludes his post, saying that “Your iPad case expresses both how you use your iPad, and what you fear and do not fear. Therein, it expresses both who you are, and how you feel about having an iPad. And never forget... not having a case says things about you, as well... very ‘Jobsian’ things.”

You can read through the whole thing here (recommended).

Update: article updated at the author's request to properly credit him with his Internet handle.
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How to Choose the Best iPad Case

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