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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Download latest update Orbit Downloader

One of the best download managers enables you to manage your file transfers more effectively.

To help speed up and manage your downloads, you need a download manager and there are few better than Orbit Downloader. On a basic level, this replaces the download manager that ships with your browser and enables you to control where you save your files, to download again if the transfer fails and much more. It works with all the popular web browsers, so you can use the same download manager whether you need to switch between Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Orbit Downloader makes downloading much faster as it’s able to source files from other locations, including P2P servers and many others. Note, however, that we do not recommend you downloading files from unknown servers - this is the primary reason for the spread of malicious software.

Orbit Downloader does a lot more than help you download files from the Internet. It also enables you to grab embedded audio, video and other media files and even save streaming media to your hard drive.
Build brings these changes:

- Fix: "Use server date/time" not working
- Fix: Crash in software updater

Download latest update Orbit Downloader

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