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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Download New Picasa for Mac (V. 3.0.2)

Free solution for finding, editing, and sharing your photos

Picasa is a program that helps users manage, edit, and share their photo collection with ease. Boasting some impressive control capabilities, the tool can find and display up to one million pictures from any place on your Mac. Editing options range from retouching to adding text and watermarks. When the work is finished, users can easily upload to Picasa web albums.

Picasa doesn't store images, but only represents the actual directories containing photographs on your computer, saving you space, as well as eliminating the risk of bad manipulation. The application handles your iPhoto Library in the same way, with a small variation made for the way in which the latter organizes your photos. If you make edits in iPhoto, each album or event in your iPhoto Library will contain an “Originals” folder and a “Modified” one. Picasa is able to scan the photos and videos in both of them, and can display a single collective folder with the most recent version of each file.

“Last year we had a blast at Macworld demonstrating all our Mac products, but as Mac users, we also know that the best part of Macworld is new product announcements,” said Stuart Morgan, software engineer of the Google Mac team, at the time Google was introducing Picasa to Mac users. “This year, we're getting in the spirit by making a little announcement of our own: we're happy to say that Picasa, Google's photo management software, will be joining the ranks of the free Mac OS X applications from Google!”

According to the Google Mac Team, a few minor features like geotagging and webcam capture aren't functional yet. This is understandable, since Picasa for Mac is only in its early beta stages. Despite other, minor issues, Mr. Morgan trusts users will “find plenty to like in this first beta.” “[...] We're excited to get this release out into the hands of the Mac community at this year's Macworld! We're looking forward to making Picasa for the Mac even better, and to hearing what you think,” he said.

The latest version of Picasa for Mac adds “numerous bug fixes based on initial beta feedback,” according to Google. You may grab it using the link below.

Download Picasa for Mac (Free)

Download New Picasa for Mac (V. 3.0.2)

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