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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Available Now: KNOPPIX 6.0.0 - Free Download

With ADRIANE 1.1

Klaus Knopper proudly announced yesterday, January 27th, the sixth release of his popular KNOPPIX Live CD Linux distribution. KNOPPIX 6.0 was completely rebuilt from scratch, it is now based on Debian Lenny, and it's powered by the lightweight LXDE desktop environment. Among various applications included in KNOPPIX 6.0 we can notice the newly-released 3.0.1 open source office suite and the powerful Mozilla Firefox 3.0.5 web browser. Also included in the brand new version of KNOPPIX is the A.D.R.I.A.N.E. (Audio Desktop Reference Implementation And Networking Environment) talking menu, especially designed for the visually impaired.

"In the current release of KNOPPIX 6.0 CD (ADRIANE 1.1), starting with speech support in text menu mode is set as default. That way, blind computer users can use the system without having to enter boot options blindly." - said Klaus Knopper in the official release announcement.

Highlights of KNOPPIX 6.0:

· ADRIANE, a talking menu for the visually impaired;
· Now based on Debian Lenny;
· Completely rebuilt from scratch;
· Faster boot times;
· LXDE replaces KDE as the default desktop environment;
· 3.0.1, as the default office suite;
· Mozilla Firefox 3.0.5, as the default web browser;
· flash-knoppix, a new tool that allows you to create bootable USB sticks with KNOPPIX;
· Live CD edition only.

What is KNOPPIX?

Knoppix is a bootable Live CD, made up from the most popular and useful free and open source applications, backed up by an automatic hardware detection and support for many video cards, SCSI and USB devices and a lot of peripherals. Thanks to the high compression it uses, the CD can have up to 2 GB of software installed on it.

Download KNOPPIX 6.0 right now from here.

Available Now: KNOPPIX 6.0.0 - Free Download

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