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Saturday, April 28, 2012

New GALAXY S3 Pictured, the Final Design?

 New “Dummy” GALAXY S3 Pictured, It Looks Closer to the Final Design
Rumors on the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 continue to spice up our lives almost every day.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S3 - New “Dummy” GALAXY S III Pictured, It Looks Closer to the Final Design

Aside from the numerous leaks on the phone’s specs sheet, there’s also quite an impressive gallery of alleged Galaxy S III that’s been fueled by “trusted source.”

However, it appears that Samsung is safeguarding the design of its “next Galaxy” smartphone fiercely as the company has been reportedly using generic boxes for testing purposes, in order to keep the final design of its flagship device secret.

Although we already know that all photos that have been lately leaked online are simply showing some of these test sample units, which have nothing to do with the final version of the Galaxy S III, at least we get to learn the phone’s specs sheet and its capabilities.

We’ve already seen a couple of Galaxy S III variants, so bear with us for one more photo of the alleged “next Galaxy” smartphone, which is set to be unveiled on May 3, in London.

The guys over at PhoneArena recently received an image from one of their tipsters who claims this is the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III.

Unlike any of the previous photos, this one seems to be in line with the sketch spotted in the official manual leaked yesterday.

The purported Galaxy S III device shown in this photo features a physical home button and two capacitive touchscreen keys.

The home button is a hot subject for Samsung fans as some of them would prefer that the company launches a Galaxy S III with only on-screen button, while others would like to see the phone featuring a physical button.

Even though there’s no telling exactly what the Galaxy S III will look like, the device in the latest photo might seem awfully close to the final design.

New GALAXY S3 Pictured, the Final Design?

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