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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

iPhone 5 Home Button Leaked

iPhone 5 Home Button Leaked

A seller of iPhone parts in China has begun offering “iPhone 5” home buttons which exhibit a distinction when compared to the hardware on current-generation Apple smartphones. TrueSupplier, another hardware vendor, is also selling the goods.

Image credits: TVC-Mall

TVC-Mall is selling both black and white variants of the "iPhone 5" home button, stating that they’re “different from iPhone 4S”.

“…the iPhone 5 home button is round in the centre and square outside as the pictures show. The two parts are indivisible,” says TVC-Mall. It is believed that this design particularity will be invisible to the user, as only the round side of the button will protrude through the surface of the handset.

TrueSupplier lists the item as “Home Button Key for Apple iphone 5”. The price is $8.99 (6.24 EUR).

iPhone 5 Home Button Leaked

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