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Monday, April 30, 2012

Download Linux Kernel 3.4 RC5

 Linux kernel 3.4 RC5 is now available for download and testing!
Linus Torvalds announced yesterday, April 29th, that the fifth Release Candidate of the upcoming Linux 3.4 kernel is available for download and testing.

Download Linux Kernel 3.4 RC5

Linux Kernel 3.4 RC5 includes 50% driver updates, 20% arch. fixes, 15% filesystem improvements (Btrfs and NFS), 5% networking updates, as well as random bugfixes.

"And like -rc4, quite a bit of the changes came in on Friday (with some more coming in yesterday). And we haven't been calming down, quite the reverse. -rc5 has almost 50% more commits than -rc4 had. Not good."

"That said, I don't think there is anything hugely scary there." - said Linus Torvalds in the email announcement.

Download Linux Kernel 3.4 RC5 :

3.4-rc5 2012-04-29 [Full Source] [Patch] [View Patch]

 Remember that this is a development release and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended to be used for testing purposes only.

Download Linux Kernel 3.4 RC5

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