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Saturday, April 28, 2012

iPhone 5 "Spotted" By Enthusiasts in WWDC 2012 Logo

iPhone 5 "Spotted" By Enthusiasts in WWDC 2012 Logo

There’s a five (5) in the WWDC 2012 Apple logo if you look from just the right angle, many Apple enthusiasts agree.

WWDC 2012 Apple logo

However, by connecting the squares you also get a two (2), and even an eight (8) if you look at the bigger picture.

Despite the fact that Apple does hide clues in its logos occasionally, we have every reason to believe this is nothing more than simple speculation coming from people who love Apple products a tad too much.

So much that they’ll see an iPhone in everything, pretty much like those people who see the Virgin Mary in their coffee dregs.

Not to say there isn’t an offset chance Apple will announce its new iPhone at the WWDC 12 opening keynote, but the chances are so slim it’s not even worth bothering our heads with it. Here’s why.

Apple’s press release confirming the time and place for this year’s developer conference specifically mentions all of the major activities surrounding iOS and Mac OS. And that’s pretty much it - no hardware stuff. Just software!

The 5 seemingly embedded in the WWDC logo - apple

“We have a great WWDC planned this year and can’t wait to share the latest news about iOS and OS X Mountain Lion with developers,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “The iOS platform has created an entirely new industry with fantastic opportunities for developers across the country and around the world.”

Apple typically doesn’t lay out its roadmap when they’re preparing to announce something big. Whenever Apple announces a major new product or refresh, the press invites generally say “let’s talk iPhone,” or “back to the Mac.”

After all, it’s misleading to suggest a complete focus on software and then BOOM! iPhone 5. Not that it wouldn’t impress people, we have to agree.

And there’s a slim chance Apple will announce some new hardware at the opening keynote. But there’s a bigger chance those will be the new Macs, not the new iPhone.

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iPhone 5 "Spotted" By Enthusiasts in WWDC 2012 Logo

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