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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Macbuntu 11.10 theme for Ubuntu 11.10 - New!

New! Mac OS X theme for Ubuntu 11.10 and install in your Ubuntu!

Adwaita Cupertino Theme, the solution if you can't install macbuntu 11.10 - Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot

Adwaita Cupertino Theme

It’s a Mac OS X like theme for Ubuntu 11.10 users. The theme is based on Adwaita, and the theme is designed by the user trastes.

It is based on the theme Adwaita GTK3, changing colors to set the cupertino style

Tested in GNOME 3.2 and Unity

There are 2 versions, one based on the colors of Snow Leopard and the other Lion. Option border or borderless

Version for unity due to global-menu and design of nautilus.

- GTK3 theme ported to unico-engine, GTK2 theme uses the Murrine and Pixmap engines

- Inside the theme folder there is a readme.txt file with some really simple instructions (styles for nautilus, glassy buttons, Unity top panel transparent mac style)

- "Adwaita Cupertino SL and L" is borderless by default in Gnome Shell (in Unity edges is always)
If you want the version with borders, select in gnome-tweak-tool -> Window theme -> "Adwaita Cupertino (SL or L) Unity" and in GTK+ theme "Adwaita Cupertino (SL or L)"

Hope you like it for everyday use.

Original Theme: Adwaita of GNOME 3 and Aldabra GTK2 de ceramicm. (
Metacity theme: Elementary modified
Metacity theme: Adwaita borderless ( )
Modified to fit with the option theme borderless

I recommend this fantastic icon themes:

Faenza cupertino

if you use Chrome, for the scroll bars
elementary scrollbars 4 chrome by conorsulli
elementary scrollbars by Aaron


 How to install macbuntu 11.10 theme in Ubuntu 11.10?

Installing Mac OS X theme in Ubuntu 11.10

After Downloading the theme package, you must download some dependent packages/themes/icons.
Then open a terminal and execute the command to open nautilus in root mode -

gksu nautilus
Then extract the theme file (archive) and copy all the themes directory to usr/share/themes and for icons – usr/share/icons. Then open Gnome Tweak Tool (if you haven’t installed it then first install it from Ubuntu Software Center or hit sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool at terminal) and change the themes, icons etc to get the Mac OS X type Look.

Note: Downloading Icons is already there in theme page:

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mac osx-theme-in-unity

Macbuntu 11.10 theme for Ubuntu 11.10 - New!

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  1. Ubuntu offers Macbuntu but. Macbuntu 10.10 was great-thats where i started using the OS (not 10.04). then i upgraded to 11.04 and still have Macbuntu. I upgraded to 11.10 and then Macbuntu disappears. If i upgrade Macbuntu then shouldn't I get Macbuntu? I ended up with Ubuntu 11.10 NOT MACBUNTU! Then i have to get themes that dont work! cant the themes be put in a different format other than tarz ballz? I am sorely disappointed!

  2. This is outstanding! I don't like the look and feel of ubuntu 11.10. It's awkward and not user friendly.