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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Download GhostBSD 2.5

GhostBSD, a FreeBSD-based operating system with the GNOME and LXDE desktop environments, is now at version 2.5.

After a few release candidates, the final version of GhostBSD 2.5 is here. The developers have assured us that a lot of important bugs have been fixed and the operating system was updated and fine-tuned.

GhostBSD 2.5 comes in two distinct flavors. One is based on GNOME desktop and the other one on LXDE desktop environment.

GhostBSD 2.5 is distributed for both amd64 and i386 platforms, and users can choose between CD/DVD or USB images.

GhostBSD is an advanced operating system for x86 compatible (including Pentium and Athlon), amd64 compatible (including Opteron, Athlon 64, and EM64T) architectures.

It is derived from FreeBSD which is derived from BSD, the version of UNIX developed at the University of California, Berkeley.

Download GhostBSD 2.5

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