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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Download ScreenFlow Version 1.5.1 Now - 2009

Vara Software's flagship app received the Best Leopard App award at Apple's WWDC '08

ScreenFlow is a “professional screencasting studio” for Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”). The application that was crowned Best Leopard App at WWDC '08 has recently received an update. Vara Software says that ScreenFlow version 1.5 includes the ability to add text objects to the timeline, allowing users to add titles to videos. It also adds ten new audio effects that can be applied to the narration.

Other changes, included in ScreenFlow 1.5.1, are: powerful titling and text support, the ability to produce screen recordings in Windows Media video format (direct export requires a Flip4Mac WMV Studio license - prices starting at $49) and the option to create custom cursors for your demos.

ScreenFlow allows its user to capture everything he / she is doing, through its powerful screen, camera, and audio capture systems. With ScreenFlow's advanced timeline-based editing features, users can mix down their Screencast, using effects like 3D or 2D Zoom & Pan, Picture-in-Picture, Mouse Callouts, Reflection, Foreground Window Callouts, Drop Shadow and much more.

ScreenFlow can visualize the waveforms of any content with audio in your presentation (including QuickTime-based media), making it easy to find peaks, remove coughs, pauses and other slip-ups. According to the developer, the waveforms are created and cached in the background, so your editing isn't slowed down. You can even toggle them on or off any time you choose so, from the 'View' menu.

You can use the link below to give ScreenFlow a try for free right now. The full version is $99.99 to buy, but those who've already bought themselves a copy of ScreenFlow can upgrade right now at no extra charge.

Download ScreenFlow (Update / Trial / Buy)

Vara Software won two Apple Design Awards, including Best Mac OS X Leopard Application. ScreenFlow was on everybody's lips at the time, therefore TUAW called up Paul Carnine to have a chat about their achievement.

"It's an honor, more than anything else, when Apple chooses to single out an application like this ... it's pretty amazing, especially to win two," Paul said last year. "We worked really hard on the user interface, we worked really hard on the adoption of technologies ... we don't jump up and down and flaunt the technology."

Free Download ScreenFlow Version 1.5.1 Now - 2009

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