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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Download Now - Depths of Peril Mac Beta Patch 1.014

Soldak Entertainment has released a new update for its role playing game for Mac

Depths of Peril is a single-player action title that blends RPG gameplay with strategy elements. You play as a faction leader protecting the barbarian city Jorvik by crushing your enemies and completing quests, but also by competing with rival factions.

Barbarians choose their leaders by fighting to the death. Once you are chosen as a leader, you must deal with rival factions by means of diplomacy, trade, and in time, war. Highlighted changes and fixes brought by Soldak Entertainment in the latest patch are listed below.

• decreased lightningExplosion spawn count
• fixed Close not localized on character screen
• added OS X 10.3.9 OpenAL installer requirement to requirements & troubleshooting sections of manual
• fixed mouse on 2nd monitor in dual monitor setup
• updated copyright
• skills ready icons no longer flash at beginning
• thief can no longer steal from kidnapped, petrified, or dead vendors
• if selected resolution & 800x600 fails, now tries desktop resolution (Win only)
• now Crystals is localized in trade screen
• treaty highlight text in trade screen is now localized
• fixed a ton of typos, bad punctuation, and worded badly sentences (that was a joke :)
• fixed a menu problem when deleting a character
• added newsletter button.

Soldak Entertainment notes that Depths of Peril requires a PowerPC or Intel 1.5 GHz processor, 128MB RAM, GeForce 2 (or other equivalent), and 150MB of hard drive space. Recommended specs are a 2.0 GHz processor (PowerPC or Intel), 256MB RAM, GeForce 3 or better (or equivalent).

Also, this patch will only work with the full purchased version of the game from Soldak's web site - the retail version, and the Manifesto version. The patch is not compatible with the Reflexive (also known as gamecentersolution), Arcade Town,, Gamer's Gate, Mac Game Store, or Steam versions of the game. Go here to see which version you own.

You may download the demo version of Depths of Peril using the link below. In demo mode, players can explore only the first part of the world and play through a small part of the storyline. The full version of the game costs $19.99, and is available from Soldak Entertainment's website.

Download Depths Of Peril Patch (Update / Demo / Buy)

Soldak is also responsible for Kivi's Underworld for Mac.

Download Now - Depths of Peril Mac Beta Patch 1.014

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