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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2009 ASUS Launches Phenom II-Ready M4 Series Motherboards

Built for ultimate performance

Aside from being one of the top leading vendors of netbook computer systems, ASUS is also known for its high-end motherboards, including the gaming-oriented Rampage series. On that note, the company has announced today the introduction of a new series of motherboards designed to provide users with support for the latest AMD Phenom II processors. Part of the new M4 series, the AMD-supporting motherboards will enables ASUS fans to combine
Phenom II processors with DDR3 memory, for improved performance.

“The ASUS M4 Series motherboards are high performance motherboards aimed at achieving unprecedented performance benchmarks. This motherboard is designed for advanced overclocking and recently an overclockers team from Finland set the new World Record of 3DMark06 and CPU-Z scores with AMD Phenom II and ASUS M4A79T Deluxe”, said Mr. Vinay Shetty – Country Head Component Products, ASUS India. He further added, “The M4 series of motherboards will further strengthen our position as market leaders in the motherboard segment and provide our customers with a high end solution for their advanced computing needs.”

The new series of motherboards take advantage of an 8-phase power design, providing computer enthusiasts with up to 91% in power efficiency. In addition, the new motherboards will provide users with ASUS's TurboV overclocking utility, thus bringing together some of the latest in high performance computing under a single product. Given by the overclocking capabilities of AMD's latest 45nm Phenom II processors, users should be faced with a serious performance boost.

ASUS is yet to provide pricing details of the new boards, but the company is expected to showcase the new boards at the CeBIT computer show in Hanover, Germany. The company's boards might even be used for some overclocking demonstrations, all the more reason to be at CeBIT this year, especially if you are an enthusiast.

2009 ASUS Launches Phenom II-Ready M4 Series Motherboards

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