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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free Download- DragonFly BSD 2.2 Released

Brings production-ready HAMMER filesystem support

Matthew Dillon recently announced the release of his DragonFly 2.2, a FreeBSD based distribution. First featured in version 2.0, the HAMMER filesystem has reached a production-ready state. DragonFly 2.2 boasts highly improved stability, updated and new drivers, and an improved pkgsrc support. A new release infrastructure with multiple target option is also available. DragonFly 2.2 comes in three flavors: a bare-bones CD and USB disk-key image, plus a DVD ISO with a complete X environment, and many pre-installed packages.

Here are some of DragonFly 2.2 highlights:

· The CD and DVD images contain full pkgsrc tar and full sources tar;
· The installer supports HAMMER filesystem setups;
· intr_mpsafe control is enabled by default;
· Experimental AMD64 support;
· Parallel-working bridge_input;
· Update to acpi_cpu(4), allowing higher C states than C1 in multicore CPUs;
· HW checksum support added to the loopback interface for doubled performance;
· Fixed some bugs that occurred during low-memory situations (low or no swap);
· priv_* implementation form FreeBSD replaces suser_*;
· Many improvements to the pageout and low-memory handling code;
· Support for network cards using the RealTek 8102EL PCIe 10/100baseTX chipset;
· Polling support for jme(4);
· The source repositories are now maintained through git;
· Hunt, a new terminal-based multiplayer game;
· A script that cleans up HAMMER partitions during the night;
· Fixed many warnings that occurred in some userland tools;
· The default gcc(1) architecture is now i486;
· The dntpd can now connect to NTP servers using IPv5 addresses;
· Squashed several installer bugs;
· nrelease can generate USB stick images.

Read the full DragonFly BSD 2.2 changelog here.

About DragonFly BSD

DragonFly BSD was developed by Matthew Dillon in June 2003 as a fork from FreeBSD 4.8. DragonFly BSD's goal is to create a single system image across multiple computers. To reach that goal, the DragonFly team constantly improves its code and brings changes from other BSD systems as well.

Download DragonFly BSD 2.2 right now from here.

Free Download- DragonFly BSD 2.2 Released

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