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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Protect your data with this apps for Blackberry

Protect your data with this apps for Blackberry - Optimal Protection for your Blackberr

BlackBerry Protect is a free application designed to protect your data in case of loss of BlackBerry ® smartphone. Download BlackBerry Protect, log on to the website, and you can lock, find, or delete your smartphone from anywhere. You also have the option of wireless backups your critical data automatically and as often as you want (daily, weekly or monthly). Download it today for your BlackBerry!

Wireless backup and restore:
- Wireless Backup contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, browser bookmarks and text messages
- Perform automatic backups on a daily, weekly or monthly
- Restore wireless data backup when changing BlackBerry smartphone
- Save on data usage:
Backup or only information that has changed since the last backup (incremental backups)
Back up or Wi-Fi only
o Avoid backing up roaming

Important Notes
- BlackBerry Protect is free to all users with a BlackBerry data plan compatible. Contact your carrier to upgrade your data plan if it is not supported.
- BlackBerry Protect is not compatible with devices using BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.

Safety, secure.. be happy everytime. :)

Protect your data with this apps for Blackberry

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  1. Hm, this could be useful. Of course, it pays to have a backup for your data as well. That way, you'll have your bases covered and secured in case you lose your Blackberry.

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