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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Best Linux Distribution for Laptop 2012

Best Linux Distribution for Your Laptop 2012

So many Linux distro in the world, every distro come with special features.
The advantages and ease into one of the criteria for choosing the right Linux distro for our laptop.

The following is a popular Linux Distribution in the world :

1. Ubuntu : Most popular Linux distribution, for all purpose!
Ubuntu becomes popular Linux Distribution in the world.. the king of linux. :)

2. OpenSuse : easy to use and well suitable for office use
3. Fedora : Rock Solid Linux distro, well suitable for experienced/advanced users!

More option Linux Distribution for Your Laptop 2012:

PCLinuxOS – Easy to use

PCLinuxOS is a simple and easy to use GNU/Linux distribution suitable for all types users.
Download PCLinuxOS

Download PCLinuxOS KDE version  or go to official download page for more options

Puppy Linux – Light weight and Fast

Puppy Linux is the best option if your laptop is old because PuppyLinux is a very lightweight Linux distro and it’s very efficient at resource consumption, and of course it’s one of the fastest OS available
 Download Puppy Linux

Try the best linux Distribution for Your Laptop..
and enjoy it. :)

Best Linux Distribution for Laptop 2012

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  1. Linux Mint is the best operating system for the laptop. This software is very useful to use for the office purpose. It is very easy to use and install, so people can't face any problem to use it.

  2. io puppy e ubuntu

  3. Pinguy OS the best for Windows refugees,easy to use,everything set up already.

    1. Yes, PinGuy OS is the best linux, everything ready out-of-the-box. Enjoy!!!

  4. Everything depends on your abilities... c'mon guys! With a laptop device drivers are the priority! OS is worthless if the basic user can't load the drivers to even get on the internet! With this in mind - consider Ubuntu for the beginner and laptop ... very easy to setup and has extensive driver libraries!!!