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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Download Mozilla Firefox 10 for Android

Download Mozilla Firefox 10 for Android

In the new Firefox for Android version, Mozilla included a better Sync set-up, which is complemented by a series of bug fixes.

Overall, the application should be able to provide users with better performance than before, and those who have it installed on their Android devices should update to the new version right away.

Android users who haven’t already installed the application on their devices can do so now. The app is available on Softpedia via this link.

As for the changes that have been included with the new software release, we can count the following:

- Anti-Aliasing for WebGL is now implemented (see bug 615976)
- Accelerated layers are now supported via OpenGL ES
- It's now even easier to set up Firefox Sync - see the "Set up Sync" link on the home tab
- New element for bi-directional text isolation, along with supporting CSS properties (see bugs 613149 and 662288)
- We've added IndexedDB APIs to more closely match the specification
- There is an extremely rare case where the browser may become unable to load web pages or close tabs

The new Firefox release for Android comes with improved overall usability and performance, but nothing compares to what the next app release will be able to deliver.

Firefox for Android 11, currently in Aurora, and moving to the Beta channel, will arrive with a Native UI. The adoption of Android’s native interface means that the loading times have been shortened considerably, and that users will benefit from a snappier overall application.

The beta flavor of Firefox with Native UI on Android was expected to arrive along with the final flavor of Firefox 10, but Mozilla announced recently that it might miss the deadline. However, it should arrive soon, so stay tuned.

Download Mozilla Firefox 10 for Android

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