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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Parted Magic 5.2 Incorporates GParted 0.6.2 - Free Download

Asian language support was improved

Patrick Verner announced a few minutes ago (August 3rd) the immediate availability of Parted Magic 5.2 operating system for partitioning tasks. This second maintenance version of Parted Magic 5 comes with the newly released GParted 0.6.2 application. Beside the usual bug fixes, Patrick Verner improved the support for Asian languages, by adding SCIM and GCIN. Parted Magic is an operating system created to help users easily partition their hard drives or perform various recovery tasks.

"The new GParted re-enables MiB partition alignment option and fixes the problem with logical partition move overwriting the EBR. A mess of bugs have been fixed with the help of Dick Burggraaff (burdi01), Jason Vasquez, and most of all, users willing to take the time to report them and help us test. [...] GCIN is automatically started when Taiwanese is selected at the boot menu and SCIM is automatically started when Japanese or Chinese is selected at the boot menu." said Patrick Verner on the official release announcement.

The following applications were updated in Parted Magic 5.2:

· gDisk 0.6.9;
· LFTP 4.0.9;
· ms-sys 2.2.0;
· SimpleBurn;
· chntpw 100627;
· hdparm 9.29;
· memtest86+ 4.10;
· Partclone 0.2.12;
· Wiper 2.7;
· Partimage 0.6.9;
· GParted 0.6.2.

The following packages were added in the new Parted Magic 5.2 operating system:

· GCIN 1.5.4;
· SCIM 1.4.9;
· scim-anthy 1.2.4;
· scim-bridge 0.4.16;
· scim-hangul 0.3.2;
· scim-input-pad 0.1.2;
· scim-m17n 0.2.3;
· scim-pinyin 0.5.91;
· scim-tables 0.5.9.

About Parted Magic

Parted Magic is a business-card operating system based on Slackware Linux, with programs that allow you to partition hard disks with ease. Programs like Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, ddrescue, and a good documentation will help you in your partitioning tasks. Parted Magic is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Download Parted Magic 5.2 right now from here.

Parted Magic 5.2 Incorporates GParted 0.6.2 - Free Download

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