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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The First Windows Phone 7 Device to Come from LG

South Korean mobile phone maker LG Electronics hopes that it would be the first mobile phone maker that would deliver a Windows Phone 7-based device to the market. While October is the time frame for when that should happen, LG expects for its devices to help it gain some ground on the smartphone market, where others are in the spotlight at the moment.

It seems that the handset vendor plans launching two smartphones running under Windows Phone 7 on the European market in October, while aiming at bringing its handsets to the United States the next month via AT&T and Verizon, MK Business News notes in a recent article.

According to the news site, the announcement comes from a high-placed LG official, who is confident that Windows Phone 7 would prove a success.

Moreover, it seems that the upcoming LG mobile phones would be specifically tailored for the markets they are intended for, and that they would be included in the company's already released Optimus series of phones.

The European models of LG's Windows Phone 7 devices would include 3.8-inch touchscreen displays, while the US flavors are expected to add QWERTY keyboards into the mix, while maintaining the screen size.

For what it's worth, it does not come as a surprise that LG plans the release of handsets with more than one form factor, as other handset vendors also announced plans to make similar moves.

However, it still remains to be seen whether various Windows Phone 7 models from the company would be exclusively available in different markets around the world, or the phone maker would push them to more countries.

LG Electronics plans on leaving behind other leading handset vendors which already showcased Windows Phone 7 devices, including Samsung Electronics or ASUS, as well as companies like HTC Corporation, Dell, and others.

Windows Phone 7 is expected to mark a shift from Microsoft's current approach to the mobile phone market, and should prove a stronger competitor against rivals like Apple's iOS or Google's Android platform.

The First Windows Phone 7 Device to Come from LG

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