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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kingston Finally Releases HyperX DDR3 With Water Cooling

Has quiet operation and long-term reliability

Kingston was revealed to be working on liquid-cooled DDR3 before, but only now has it decided to finally unleash the first member of the HyperX line that is actually equipped with a waterblock. Normally, companies only strap a heatspreader on their modules and leave it to overclockers to come up with unorthodox cooling solutions if they want to push clocks over the edge. Now, the company has taken a more active role in this by releasing the HyperX H2O dual-channel and triple-channel kits.

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The new line is, for now, made up of three products. Two are 4GB dual-channel kits with frequencies of 2000MHz and 2133MHz, respectively, whereas the third is a 6GB triple-channel offering of 2000MHz. They all consume 1.65V, have XMP support, feature CL 9-11-9-27 timings and are accompanied by a lifetime warranty. Finally, they sell through their maker's channel of authorized vendors, priced at $157, $205 and $235, respectively.

“Water cooling is desirable for its quiet operation and long-term reliability. We are bringing HyperX H2O to market as a solution for PC enthusiasts who want to build water-cooled systems using high quality Kingston products,” said Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager, Kingston. “HyperX H2O is a natural extension of Kingston’s offerings for performance users. Our goal is for users of all levels and interests to have a Kingston product that meets their needs.”

“Kingston is also proud to announce that the original HyperX module is now called Genesis,” said Vincent Kim, HyperX product manager, Kingston. “The core of the HyperX family is the blu, Genesis and T1 series as they offer solutions in a range of densities and frequencies for enthusiasts of all levels. For system builders with specific requirements, H2O adds high performance in a water-cooling environment while LoVo is the perfect choice for an energy-efficient build.”

Kingston Finally Releases HyperX DDR3 With Water Cooling

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