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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Linux Kernel 2.6.35 Officially Released - Download Now!

Includes Btrfs and XFS improvements

Last night, August 1st, Linus Torvalds proudly announced the release of Linux kernel 2.6.35. The new version includes Direct-IO Support for the Btrfs filesystem, XFS filesystem experimental journal mode, perf improvements, VC1 and H.264 video acceleration for Intel G45+ chipsets, initial support for the Intel Cougarpoint graphic chipset, AMD Radeon power management support, CAIF protocol support (see below for a detailed list), and many other fixes.

"This may have been a fairly odd release cycle with my rather strict -rc rules before -rc3, but on the whole I think I liked it, and it seems to have worked out ok. I relaxed my extreme stance after getting back from vacation, so the latter half of the rc series was more normal. But even then I got the feeling that people were perhaps a bit more aware of the whole "regression fixes only" model, which is all good. It's a bit hard to judge, but there are some numbers to back it up: in the 2.6.34 release, there were 3800 commits after -rc1, but in the current 35 release cycle we had less than 2000." - Linus Torvalds said in the official release announcement.

Highlights of Linux Kernel 2.6.35:

· Support for transparent spreading of incoming network traffic load, across CPUs;
· Btrfs filesystem improvements;
· Delayed logging for XFS filesystem;
· Kernel debugger (KDB) frontend;
· perf improvements;
· Intel graphics improvements;
· Memory compaction;
· Multiple multicast route tables support;
· Support for L2TP v3 (RFC 3931);
· Support for the CAIF protocol;
· APEI (ACPI Platform Error Interface) support.

These are just a few of the new features available in the Linux kernel 2.6.35. For a complete list of all the newly supported devices, newly added drivers, etc., please visit the official release notes page.

You can download Linux Kernel 2.6.35 sources right now from here.

Linux Kernel 2.6.35 Officially Released - Download Now!

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