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Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to install Mobile Broadband in Ubuntu 11.04

 Great tutorial to install Mobile Broadband in Ubuntu 11.04 simple&powerfull..
Ubuntu 11.04 comes in a new Avatar with Unity Desktop environment.With new look and extra gadgets like launcher, it seems smooth and good.Also you can add new functionality by customizing Ubuntu 11.04.As now a days all the ISP(internet service provider) provide the internet service either using Broadband cable connection and Broadband Mobile connection.In both the internet connection Mobile connection is quiet very popular as it does not require the wire and cable.And you can use it anywhere and anytime,no any boundary with the wires.

So in this post i will tell you how to setup Mobile Broadband connection in the Ubuntu 11.04/10.10.So that you can use your internet anywhere.This post will help to those who are new to Ubuntu,shifted from Microsoft Windows or Mac OS or any other Operating System,Because in all other Operating System you have to only double click to install and use it.But don’t worry, Using Ubuntu and  configure or setup  Mobile Broadband connection in Ubuntu 11.04 will show you how things are easy with Linux.

Setup Mobile Broadband Connection in Ubuntu 11.04

1.Insert the Mobile USB Datacard or Broadband and wait for few second to initialize it.
2.Go to the Network connection Option and click on the Edit.

3.Click on the Mobile Broadband tab and Click on Add.This will open a window of  Mobile Broadband Connection setup.Click on Forward.
4.Select your providers country or region and choose your provider.
5.Choose your billing plan and confirm Mobile Broadband Setting.Click on Apply and then Save it.
6.Thats it, now enjoy Internet using Mobile Broadband.

How to install Mobile Broadband in Ubuntu 11.04

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