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Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Download Nokia Drop 1.1.1 - Now Available

Lets download now Nokia Drop 1.1.1 with new fwatures for mobility client!
Nokia Drop, the application that Nokia released not too long ago to offer users the possibility to easily push content on their devices, has just been upgraded to version 1.1.1 .

The development team behind the application notes that the new version is capable of offering users the possibility to do more than before, faster.

The new application release also increases the ease of usage, while adding Maps support, as well as better RSS support, and other features more.

The release notes for the new Nokia Drop 1.1.1 include:

New features for mobile client
- respects your choice of browser used for opening urls
- speaks your language (localization)
- uses kinetic scrolling capabilities
New support:
- adds add-on support for Firefox 5.0
Bug fixes:
- fixes problem with opening Place with latest Maps application.

With the new Nokia Drop 1.1.1 release, users will be able to push Places to the mobile phone straight from the Ovi Maps (

As soon as that happens, the Map application will be automatically opened on the handset, so that users can see the exact place that was pushed.

With the new application version, users will be able to subscribe to RSS feeds which can then be viewed on the Nokia Reader or via the Nokia Browser web feed.

“No more writing wrong urls or remembering things. You will have it everywhere you are, on your phone,” the development team notes. And there are also the said language localization options that have been included in the new release, along with updated add-ons.

“Hi, Terve, Hola, 你好 in your language, respects your browser choice on your phone, and just got faster with kinnecting scrolling capability,” the team behind the app concludes.

For those out of the loop, we should note that the application was released for handsets running under S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3, and that it is compatible with Firefox 3.6, 4.0 and 5.0 and Chrome desktop browsers.

Download Nokia Drop 1.1.1
Download Nokia Drop extension for Firefox
Download Nokia Drop extension for Chrome

Free Download Nokia Drop 1.1.1 - Now Available

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