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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alpha Protocol iPod Contest

Win an iPod starting today

By now, those of you that have been waiting for the official release of Alpha Protocol have probably started playing the game and perhaps even finished it. But for those of you that are still in the process of buying it and experiencing the thrill of being a world class spy, Softpedia comes to the rescue by offering anyone who's interested a free PS3 copy of this Espionage RPG.

With Sega's help, we are planning to put together a small Alpha Protocol-themed contest where anyone can join in and win prizes that include two original copies of the game for the PlayStation 3 and a first prize consisting of an 8 GB Alpha Protocol skinned iPod touch. The idea behind the contest is to reward the greatest fans of the game for taking the time to dive into the Michael Thorton universe.

Just like any other contest, the rules are simple and at the same time not negotiable. Anyone that participates must follow them to the letter or they will instantly be disqualified from the competition. One of the rules is that you must be over 18 years old and write only a single original comment, leaving a contact email address so that the Softpedia team can reach you in case you are one of the lucky winners.

Second, you must not be an employee or partner of either Softpedia or Sega. The last rule concerns the deadline, no answer will be taken into consideration after the contest closes on June 19, that’s 7 days for you to get creative and spew some cool words. As you can see, three simple rules can turn anyone into a potential winner, no matter where you're from. Winners should be willing to leave their postal address of course.

After spelling out the rules, here is what the contest is all about: on the Alpha Protocol review page, you must leave a comment on the game on topics such as likes or dislikes, whether the name Michael Throton is appropriate for the character or whether you would have gone a different way, why you would play the game and if you already have, if you agree with the ending. Also, comments on how the game behaves on the PlayStation 3 versus PC or Xbox will be taken into consideration.

To sum it all up, anything interesting (read: worth wasting a laugh or two) you have to say about the game itself, gameplay experience or even the developer will be taken into consideration. Each of your comments will be analyzed by our team (so no foul language accepted) and then published on the review page so that you can be an eligible candidate in the final stage of the contest. Happy gaming to everyone and good luck in the competition!

Alpha Protocol iPod Contest

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