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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Acer Aspire One 751 to Boast 11.6-Inch Display

Yet to be released

Over the past weeks, Acer has quietly introduced a number of new netbook systems, including the Aspire One D250 and the 531, both of which have been designed with a 10-inch display. However, according to some details that have recently surfaced on the Internet, the PC vendor is planning to add another small-sized system that will be powered by an Atom processor. The Aspire One 751 is, however, going to boast a larger
11.6-inch LED backlit display, capable of a higher resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. With the new version, Acer wants to add some diversity to a market that is currently dominated by 10-inch and 9-inch netbooks.

Although the system hasn't been officially announced yet, some of its technical specifications have already been made available over the Internet. According to a recent news-article on bit-tech, the Aspire One 751 comes as a combination of a netbook and a fully fledged notebook, providing users with the performance capability of Intel'z 1.33GHz Z520 or 1.6GHz Z530 processors. The system is based on the now familiar Intel GMA500 chip and will be provided with a three-cell battery pack, which should give users about four hours of runtime. There will also be an option for a higher, 6-cell battery, for those who are looking for a more reliable netbook system.

Unfortunately, as with the other new Aspire One netbooks, we have few to no details about the system's pricing or availability, but when this will be released, it will certainly provide users with a Windows operating system. A Linux-version could also be available, but that is yet to be confirmed.

Given the number of new netbook models Acer has prepared for this year, we could say that the company has taken some inspiration from ASUS, which is known for its large lineup of Eee PC netbooks. However, that could affect the company's sales in a bad way, as users could get confused by the large number of configuration options.

Acer Aspire One 751 to Boast 11.6-Inch Display

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