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Friday, November 28, 2008

FSC Unveils Green SCALEO Home Server

The server also includes security and backup features

Fujitsu Siemens Computers has recently announced the launch of its second generation SCALEO Home Server which sports environmentally friendly hard disks drives. The server packs up to four Caviar Green SATA hard disks from Western Digital stated to need 40 percent less energy to operate than a traditional HDD. Energy conscious users are now able to let the Home Server run without interruption for several hours a day, while the electricity bill will remain the same.

The home media center makes use of the Green Power technology which ensures quieter and cooler operations than its predecessors. Moreover, the new SCALEO Home Server has a lean and elegant appearance, making it fit for the home environment. Fujitsu Siemens Computers' SCALEO Home Server 2205, which comes with 2 X 1 TB, and the SCALEO Home Server 2105, featuring 2 x 500 GB, are now available at specialist retailers.

Home digitization has been registering growth lately, which makes the Home Server become more popular in its position as a media center in the networked home area only one year after it was first launched. The server offers an easy and feasible solution for saving photos, films, music and all other types of files centrally and securely, while allowing users to load and run them from practically anywhere, including the Internet.

The Home Server features a built-in security mechanism designed to ensure that systems packing several hard drives do not lose data even when a disk fails. Moreover, an easy-to-use interface grants access to data, data backup and recovery for all the systems in the network. Besides the energy-saving hard disks it features, the SCALEO Home Server also includes a special power management function which allows for even more energy savings while ensuring that data is always available.

FSC Unveils Green SCALEO Home Server

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